How to Pick Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

How to Pick Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets provide a great way to store your kitchenware and other items. But cabinets can be bulky and take up a large amount of space in the kitchen. There are many different types of hardware that can be used for cabinets, but not all will work for your specific needs. If you’re looking for practicality and style, this guide covers everything you need to know about picking the perfect hardware for your cabinets. How to Pick Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets.

Consider Your Needs

Consider Your Needs

The first thing to consider when choosing hardware for your kitchen cabinets is what you need. Do you need something low profile that won’t take up too much space? Or do you want the hardware to match the color of your cabinets? If you have an Ikea cabinet, does it need a specific type of hardware? All these questions will help determine which type of hardware is best for you.

One thing to consider is the height of your cabinets. If your cabinets are taller than 45 inches, then choose a different style of handles because they will be hard to reach if they’re not low profile. If your cabinets are below 45 inches and are on wheels or are lower in height, then pull-outs would be good because they won’t take up too much space.

You have drawers and doors inside your cabinet, you should use handles that are longer so they can open doors and drawers easily. You may also want handles that don’t stick out as far so they don’t get in the way of anything else inside the cabinet like silverware or cooking utensils.

If you’re looking for elegance with practicality, then choose simple knobs with no rings or pulls as this design is easier to clean and blends in better if there’s a lot going on in the kitchen. This design also provides more grip due to its shape and doesn’t stick out as far as other designs. If aesthetics matter most, then consider using a glass knob because it will

Picking the Right Type of Hardware

Picking the Right Type of Hardware

There are many different types of hardware for your cabinets. The type of hardware you pick will depend on how your kitchen is laid out and what items you store in your cabinets. For example, if you want to save space, a track or a lazy susan may be perfect for you. You also want to consider the look of the hardware and make sure it matches your kitchen’s style. Some popular hardware options that are easy to install and take up less space include:

  • Track – Tracks are best used in kitchens where cabinet space is limited as they allow more storage inside cabinets while taking up less space on the outside
  • Lazy susan – These are perfect for kitchens where cabinet space is limited as they can fit inside the cabinet and be easily turned toward the person who wants to access it
  • Pull-out shelf – Pull-out shelves give you extra storage inside the cabinet by extending outwards and giving you more room on top
  • Drawer divider – This option makes it easier to find items quickly as there are dividers separating each section
  • Wine rack – Wine racks provide a place to store wine bottles without taking up drawer or shelf space

Pick Hardware for Style

Pick Hardware for Style
Pick Hardware for Style

There are many different types of hardware for cabinets. When it comes to picking the perfect hardware for your kitchen, the number one thing to consider is style. There are five main styles to choose from:

Traditional- This type of cabinet hardware is typically made of brass with a gold or silver finish. You’ll find that this type of cabinet hardware generally has a decorative knob on one side and a latch on the other side.

Modern- Cabinet handles that belong in this category typically have clean lines and look sleek, even though they’re made out of stainless steel or brushed nickel. They often come in different shapes like round, square, or oblong shapes.

Industrial- These cabinet handles have rough edges and give off a more rustic vibe. They’re often made out of metal with an aged patina finish.

Transitional- If you’re looking for something that’s not too traditional and not too modern, transitional could be the right style for you. Transitional handles have a more rounded shape than traditional handles and often come in bronze finishes.

Rustic- Cabinet handles categorized as rustic usually have smooth edges with a natural feel to them like metal or wood. They can either be made out of metal or wood veneers and will typically come in earthy colors like gold, bronze, brown, black, green, or red.

A Checklist for Your Cabinet Hardware

  • Consider the style and color
  • Think about your needs
  • Take dimensions into consideration
  • Determine what you want to store in your cabinets
  • Know the function of your cabinets
  • Consider the budget
  • Choose hardware that will be practical for your kitchen

What Type of Hardware Should you Choose?

Type Of Hardware Should You Choose
Type Of Hardware Should You Choose

There are three types of hardware you should consider when picking the right hardware for your kitchen cabinets.

Hinges: These hinges typically attach to one side of the cabinet and cannot be seen from the other side. They are commonly used on cabinets that have doors that swing outward.

Locks: Locks can be used on any type of cabinet but are most often used on cabinets with doors that open inwards.

Drawer handles: These handles are mounted onto drawer fronts and are not visible from outside the cabinet. They’re best for cabinets where there’s not much space for handles and can be used with all types of drawers: kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

How to Pick the Best Hinges

Pick the Best Hinges

How to Pick Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets. There are different types of hinges to choose from, which can make it difficult to figure out what will work best for your cabinets. The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on the style of the cabinet door you would like.

If you want to hinge your doors at the top, you can use either a butt-hinge or a full-overlay hinge. If you want to hinge your doors at the bottom, there are two options: a butt-hinge and a concealed hinge. Once you’ve picked out your hinges, you’ll need to decide on how many hinges each door should have. For example, if each door has two hinges, you may want one of them mounted near the middle of the door and the other in the center of the door.

The next step is choosing what type of hardware you would like for your hinges. There are three types available: plastic, wood, and metal. Plastic can only come in white or black color options and is inexpensive but not very durable. Wood comes in several colors and is more durable than plastic but more expensive as well. Metal also comes in multiple colors but is typically more expensive than both plastic and wood hardware pieces because they’re more durable than their counterparts.

The different types of Hardware

The different types of Hardware

If you’re looking to maximize space, then a pull-out cabinet is the best option for you. These cabinets use a pedal or handle to open and close the cabinet doors. This design takes up less space than traditional hinges, which means you’ll have more room to store items in other places in your kitchen. You can also replace doors with glass panels for a modern look and feel.

If you’re looking for a more traditional style, then ball-bearing hinges will work best. These hinges usually come in sets of two and they operate with just one screw on each hinged side.

If you want to keep your cabinet doors free from clutter, then overlay hinges are perfect because they allow easy access to the inside of your cabinet without having to open the door first. Simply place these hinges against the face of your cabinet and leave them there when it comes time to close them up again.

What About Drawer Handles?

Drawer Handles

The type of drawer handle you choose is important. Many different types are available, so it’s something to consider before purchasing your cabinets.

Drawer handles come in a variety of styles, including traditional knobs and push handles. There are also more modern options with sleek and stylish designs that will add some flair to your kitchen.

It’s important to make sure that the hardware on the drawers you purchase is durable enough for regular use. You should also try to find hardware that will match the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

Pick the Perfect Finish

Pick the Perfect Finish

How to Pick Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets. Pick a finish that will complement your other kitchen appliances. For example, if you have stainless steel appliances and black countertops, you could pick antique brass or bronze hardware. On the other hand, if you have read countertops and white appliances, you could pick nickel or chrome.


The decision to install new kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be overwhelming—selecting the right hardware can make all the difference.

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials. The type of cabinet, your personal taste, and your budget will all influence your decision. But one of the best ways to ensure you’ve made the right choice is to choose hardware that will complement your style and reflect your personality.

Not sure where to start? With a little help from this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect hardware for your kitchen cabinets.

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